Each harp is an individual, made with loving commitment.

If you have the possibility to create an instrument from your idea and can make it with the skill of your hand and if this wonderful instrument has the ability to touch the hearts of other people, then life has given you something wonderful.
Gravies a la Vida!

The master’s workshop

Enjoy the sound….

… of an original “Reschenhofer Harp”
Professionally on stage, at home or if used as a therapy!

Choice of materials

Old knowledge is most important in the selection of wood.
As the moon moves the tides, it also affects the sap in the wood.
Mostly locally grown wood is used. Maple, pear, plum, nut and fir are special kinds of wood, which is used for harp making.
The master has a special eye for the detail and the finish of the surface!
The old art of French polishing brings out the quality of the grain and enhances the sound.


Historical instruments

are carefully analysed, professionally dated and restored
I work for various museums as restorator (Carolino Augusteum- Salzburg, Kremsegg Castle –
Museum of instruments).
There is an essential difference between restoration and renovation. An owner of historical instruments should be aware of this.
You can find my works (restored harps) in this book published by the Salzburg museum Carolino Augusteum “Jahresschrift 42- 1996 -Gambe, Cello, Kontrabass – Zupf- undo Streichinstrumente –Katalog und Forschung”, ISBN 3-901014-50-0.


As long as I live and am able to work I guarantee my harps, except damage caused by bad handling or misuse.